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Adenus.com has been updated, with an assortment of new content for utility customers and potential clients alike. We'd like to know how we can make this site even better. Give us your opinion via email on the contact page or call us at 888-4-ADENUS and provide your input.
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All Adenus Utility Customers are now able to manage their account online! This includes checking their balance, viewing payment history, and making online payments. It's all part of our newly enhanced customer care section of the site. Give it a try by clicking the link below.
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HAWK Monitoring System is now compatible with all Orenco and Adenus Custom Control Panels. To learn more about why HAWK is the industry-leading package for monitoring and optimizing your system, visit HAWKMS.com.
A piece on Adenus was recently aired on select TV stations across the southeast. If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking the link below.
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Adenus is the Southeastern leader in decentralized wastewater technology.

We are principled:

We have never failed to deliver on time and on budget.
We fix our mistakes and learn from them.
We understand the big picture, which influences our major and minor business decisions.
We respect our customers and partners. We respect our employees.

We are experts at what we do:

We have earned our competency though many years of experience.
We provide what the customer needs. We are not wed to any one technology to achieve a solution.
We have synergy between operating divisions that provides valuable internal feedback on systems design, product durability and ease of operation and maintenance.
Our systems work as promised and provide value over the long term. They are not the least expensive.
We build our expertise and capabilities through judicious business alliances.

We care about the environment:

Our systems perform significantly better than ordinary systems. Our systems water-tight, and they return clean water to the ground water system.
Our systems are less invasive. They use shallow trenches and small pipes.
Our systems support smart growth by enabling compact, sensible use of the land.

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