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Pump Station Packages

Adenus pump station packages can be completely customized to fit your wastewater application needs. All of our standard kits include:

(1) 4" Fail Safe Inlet Valve
(2) 30" diameter risers, lids, and stainless steel bolts
(1) 24" diameter riser, lid, and stainless steel bolts
Adhesive for adhering risers to tank
Watertight grommets for riser penetrations
(2) 68" Pump Vaults
3-5 control floats, depending on your needs
220v or 110v duplex control panel
(2) hose and valve discharge assemblies
(2) high-head effluent pumps
Electrical fittings (couplings, sweeps, etc.)

The risers can be custom cut to the height that you need for your application and the pumps can vary from 10 gpm to 50 gpm. Contact Adenus to customize your duplex pump station today.

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